Student Spotlight: Makaiya Howard



Student Spotlight

  • What is your name?

    Makaiya Howard.

  • How old are you?

    I am 16.

  • Where are you from?

    I have lived in the Sturgeon Bay area all my life, but my family and I plan on moving to Green Bay.

  • What grade are you in?

    I am a Sophomore.

  • How long have you been in RVA?

    I just started this year.

  • Do you like RVA so far?

    I actually am liking RVA so far, there of course a few bumps in the road here and there, but overall, RVA is pretty great. This is actually my first year in RVA, or any online or homeschooling, so I was a bit nervous about that, but everything has been going pretty great, I have made a few friends, and all my teachers are really nice, so that’s a plus.

  • What is the hardest part of being new to an online school?

    I would have to say the hardest part for me is probably my independent classes. Since I like to work at a slower pace and with a teacher so I can understand the material better and make sure I am doing everything correctly.

  • What schools did you attend before RVA?

    I have gone to 3 different schools, but I have switched schools 4 times, if you include RVA. I was originally in Sturgeon Bay school district until 6th grade, then I moved to Southern Door school. Things weren’t really going that amazing for me in Southern Door, so I switched back to Sturgeon Bay for freshman year. Then after that we decided to do online, and now I am a sophomore in RVA.

  • What is your favorite class?

    I am not totally sure which class is my favorite right now. I am doing great in all my classes. I kind of like all my classes equally, except for history (sorry Mr. Wellman) I am just not a big fan of history. I like some history, but it’s just not my specialty.

  • Are you in any clubs?

    I am in the Photo Enthusiasts Club, and that’s lots of fun. We only meet up Fridays, but I look forward to Fridays because of that club. I really love sharing photos and seeing other club members’ photos.

    Check them out here

  • What do you see yourself doing in the future?

    I am not actually sure right now what I see myself doing in the future job wise. I used to want to be a vet or a veterinarian technician because I like animals a lot, but than I realized I don’t like doing anything that has to do with health, like giving shots and stuff like that. I would like to do some traveling in the future. I am actually going to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in January/February sometime to visit family. It will be my first time out of the country and on a plane, so that should be fun.

  • What are some hobbies you have?

    One of my favorite hobbies is playing the ukulele. I taught myself, and I have been playing for maybe almost two years now. I like to make covers to songs, and play them on my ukulele. I have even made a couple small original funny/silly songs. I also am learning how to play guitar. I like to artsy things like drawing and painting sometimes. I also like to snowboard in the winter, since we get so much snow here, might as well do something with it. I also like photography. I like to take lots of picture of all sorts of things. I take my photography with my phone, and also with my Canon camera.

  • Are you in any sports?

    No, I am not in any sports, but I do love sports. I like to be active and play sports, but I am not on any specific after school programs or anything. If I was to play, I would probably pick soccer because soccer has always been my favorite sport, and it is just lots of fun to play.

  • You’ve said you own chameleons, what is it like?

    Yes I do have two panther chameleons a boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Eclipse, and the girl’s name is Saphyra. I am hoping to breed them some time soon. It is a lot of fun having chameleons, and I would definitely suggest if you are a responsible person to get them. They are fun, but they can be quite a bit of work, and they are not cheap pets to have. I do love my chameleons, and they are really friendly the boy, Eclipse, will come by the door and climb on it when he wants to come out. Out of all my pets I have had, these ones are definitely my favorite. I also love showing people my chameleons because you don’t usually see people having them as pets, and it’s cool to see people reaction because they are very intriguing creatures.