RVA Weekly To Host Fall Fest Stream

The RVA Weekly will be hosting a live stream covering the events at RVA Fall Fest 2018.

This stream will be hosted live on YouTube starting Friday Oct. 12 at about 4:45 pm.
You may join our live stream via a link posted on the RVA Weekly Homepage at the start of this event. Otherwise you can click “Go To Stream” below.


Fall Fest Schedule*:

4:45 pm to 4:50 pm:

- Welcoming Time.

4:50 pm to 5:50 pm:

- Group activities, RVA Weekly Staff Introduction, Mario Kart, and other fun Games and Activities as well!

5:50 pm to 6:00 pm:

- Intermission.

6:30 pm to 9:15 pm:

- Dance and Dance Live stream!

9:15 pm to 9:30 pm:

- Wrap Up/Credits.


*All Times Listed Are In Central Daylight Time.

Image: Karilynn Sandoval