Who Are We Really? - A Poem by Monique Roberts

Who are we? Do we even know, do we even care?

Does it bother you that your “friend” doesn’t know when you're there?

You say you love him, he messes with every girl he sees

Why do we say life’s a breeze?

It’s simple if you look around

And keep your eyes off the ground

Maybe one day we’ll all see what’s become of us

How we’ve lost so much trust

Within ourselves, within each other

Hell, most of us don’t even trust our own mother

This generation is dead

We’re all sick in the head

The world is at its ends

All we care about is setting new trends

Why will no one ever see?

This isn’t who we’re meant to be

We love, we hate

But we never create

No one will ever change who we are

For we are all too scared of what we could be, or just how far

Maybe we’re all just too blind to see

Who we really are, what we’ve become, what will this world be?

Who are we really…?  Who are we really…?