The Walking Book - A Story by Ali Abidi

               Sam was reading his book one day when he heard a rustling sound. He looked everywhere in his room but did not find anything. Then he listened carefully and it seemed that the rustling sound was coming from his book. He was about to get the book, but right then, his mother called him for dinner. His mother was extremely strict about meals. He shouldn’t be a second late. He went downstairs to eat and then came back upstairs. He was about to grab the book again but it sprang feet and began walking!

                Sam was amazed, bewildered, and excited. The book was walking!

                He ran downstairs to tell his parents about it but they were already asleep as it was past 9:30 pm. Sam ran back up. When he got back to his room he saw that the book was running as fast as a rabbit. He quickly grabbed his skateboard and started to go after it. He got tired after a little while.

                Suddenly, he realized that someone was shaking him and everything faded to nothing.

                He was dreaming!