The Fear Within My Shadow - A Poem By Chloe Elliott

The Fear Within My Shadow

You may see me light as a feather, but can’t you see fear within my shadow  

This may not rhyme but it shall not be graceful, 

For you have been by my side and sees the faith of the shadows.

As you’ve seen the trees blow but for I will not be able to grow,

I’ve been in the dark for sometime  waiting for someone to seize my arm,

Holding me tight through the pain

Of the salvation growing through my veins.

When we think and feel you have yet not seen,

What I have held for it’s the heart that I have stowed.

I will make it clear as you can tell

But I shall be gone as the day in the night,

you can try to bear the pain but you shall not let it turn away,

don't share the fate that I've been grasping

you may not see me through the time.

But I will be up there to watch you fly

So leave me be in my peace

I will be gone for your eyes can see.

Do not find me it will disturb me,

Of my sleeping body waiting to be free.