Consequences by Morgan Garza

She cried in the corner as she held her knees to her chest. The cries of pain from her mother surrounded her, haunted her. The screams grabbed her and pulled her in. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t pull free.

Her mother threw herself between the girl and the flying fists. The girl could hear the pounding. Her tears burned as they crawled down her face. She felt the warm breath of her mother on her ear, “Run, run and don’t look back. Get help.”

The little girl darted out the door, tears pouring from her eyes. She had to find help. She felt a sharp pain in her right side. She was sent flying through the air and landed with a crack. Her scream was blood-curdling. She was trying to catch her breath but she just couldn’t reach it. Now red tears started crawling all over her skinny, mangled, body.

Now the road was stained with blood. Her mother couldn’t stand living without her, couldn’t stand the thought that SHE was the one who told her to run. The road became stained with the mother's blood too.

The silver claw that tore apart the lives of so many, had now taken this mother. She had begged for it, welcomed it and it came. Daughter and mother, together again.