Yummy Tidbits: Welcome Back!

Welcome back! It’s been a while and I’m sure you’ve all had wonderful, delicious food while I was gone! If you didn’t, I sincerely apologize and wonder what in the world did you eat the whole time. Was it water with nutrient powder added to it? 

Either way, I like to ask you what was your favorite thing you had to eat over the summer? Mine was...eek. I ate too many good things to remember! Perhaps it was this delicious BBQ chicken with corn on the cob I ate a while back. It was not a model dinner, let me tell you. Not a single vegetable in sight and carbs coating everything, but man was it good. Sometimes you just need to abandon the balanced healthy meal deal for a classic American dinner. Which I’m probably the only kid in the world who considers stuff like that. 

Since we’re just getting started again, I just wanted to start off with a little simple something. Welcome back! And to our new students, welcome! Have a fantastic day, and meal!