Sage Sarah: New Year, Same Questionable Advice

Oh hi! Didn’t see you there! Just kidding we’re on computers, I can’t see any of you. Okay, I know you read the title of this article. You may or may not have thought, “New year? It’s not exactly new anymore.” I hear you, I’m picking up what you’re putting down. I’m smelling what you’re stepping in. The truth is, just you wait this is a really good excuse, I’m busy. Wow, so original, great reasoning there. First of all, stop sassing me, that's my job. Second of all, it’s true, I’m just a busy senior. Senior citizen that is. 

Basic Advice

For this first installment of the new year, I’m going to start us off with a few basic tips that I like to use when I jump into school again. Don’t fall behind. If you fall behind early, you’ll never catch up. Imagine you’re running a race, you don’t want to be the person who trips and breaks their ankle two steps in. You can’t run on a broken ankle. You might be able to hobble, but you’re really not going to get very far and nobody is going to carry you.

Next, ASK FOR HELP! If you are overwhelmed, you are a little behind, you got a low grade, or you’re confused about an assignment just ask someone. Get this, there’s a person who’s paid to answer you’re questions. I know this is a shocking development. I understand that it can be a bit intimidating to email a teacher or ask in front of everyone in class. A solution to the class situation, in buzz you have an option to message the teacher directly in chat. If you don’t know how, then Google it.

If you’re still nervous, maybe try asking a classmate first. Someone might just be as confused as you. Make some friends, make a group chat, or even set up a document where you can all answer each other's questions. It also helps to know a few people in the event that group projects happen.

Lastly, relax every once in a while. Just take a deep breath. Especially for you freshman, it’s important to take a little while each day to take stock of what you have done. It’s easier to know where you’re supposed to be going if you know where you’ve already been. 

Shameless Promo 

This isn’t advice, this is me shamelessly plugging the RVA Weekly. You’ve been fooled! Not really, the title isn’t exactly inconspicuous. Whatever, we’re here now.

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This wraps up the first installment of a mildly helpful advice. Wait, I mean, super helpful wisdom. My apologies for the shameless promos. I’m a bit like those people who twirl signs, except I just ran right up to you and smacked you over the head with it.

Anyway, if you want to join the team, let us know and You can email Alison Smith at, or if you prefer you can show up at one of our meetings. We meet every Friday at 11:00 am in Black Board room #2!

Until next time, keep up with your work and ask questions, My Dudes! Don’t break any ankles, especially your own and definitely not someone else’s.