Sage Sarah: Studying

Heyyooo! It is I! Yeah, you get that at this point. It's currently quite late at night, so if this is even more ridiculous than usual I apologize in advance. You may be wondering what we'll be covering today, or not because titles exist. Either way, here are some study tips.

1. Use Those Notes

Some people are true rebels that choose not to take notes, but I am not one of those people. Now, the chicken scratch that I scribble down while reading or in class aren't going to be much help. Usually you have to be able to decipher what they say in order to study them.

I personally don't do this, but my sister did. So in other words, rewrite that whole mess, reorganize it, highlight the important stuff, and just generally make it easier to understand. Saves you the time from squinting angrily at your notebook later like a disgruntled old man.

2. Focus

Not that I don't usually do this, but avoid people when you're studying. Talking and ruckus is only going to break your focus. I'd also recommend silencing your phone; at least put it on vibrate just in case there's some sort of emergency. You never know, maybe Aunt Marge swallowed a penny or something. If that's your life, then I admit it's a bit weird, but I'm not here to judge.

Anyway, find your own space where it's quiet and peaceful. Well, maybe not peaceful due to the stress of cramping large amounts of information into your brain. Shoot for somewhere somewhat less stressful than usual, as that seems like a good start. I know for some people music is helpful, and there are some music types that are made to help with concentration.

I believe video game music has been known to help with that. I personally cannot listen to music as I study because I either start singing/dancing or I start writing down what I'm hearing. Basically just don't come anywhere near me when I'm typing anything, we'll end up with an unintentional record of our conversation.

3. Last Minute Tips

I don't recommend keeping things until the last minute, but I will admit that I do it more than I should. If I haven't studied in advance my main goal is to at least get the basic refreshers in. I find that once the core ideas are there, the details will branch off and follow as I go.

Go through your notes, skim through the important topics. That should get the ball rolling. If you have more time, revisit the areas you know you had trouble with. Quizzes are a great place to review; they usually include the most important topics from the lessons.

If it's really last minute, like “I'm panicking, running off caffeine, and I will get this done out of pure spite” levels of last minute then I'd suggest just looking through the main topics right before going into the test. I mean RIGHT before. Just don't cheat. I'll know if you do and you'll feel my disappointment.

That's that. Some tips and tricks from a hot mess herself. Hey, I got straight A's first semester so don't doubt my process. It works, or maybe it's an elaborate scheme. You'll never know for sure! I'll see you next time, and here's a pat on the back for making it this far. I'd give you a metal or something but that seems a bit too nice, and I have a reputation to uphold after all you know.