Sage Sarah: Stress Relief

Hello fellow humans! Welcome back to this hot mess. As many people know, it's a stressful week. We're all losing our minds a little. Guess what, that's okay. Do you think the person who figured out the edibleness milk was sane? I sure don't. Anyway, here are some things I do to help deal with stress. Take them or leave them.

1. The One Month Strategy

My go-to way of de-stressing is the one-month method. It's easy. Whatever problem is really stressing you out, think about how it will affect you in a month. 9 time out of 10, it's barely or not at all going to affect your life. Fail a test? Low grade? Is it going to have any sort of lasting effect on your life in a month? How about two? How about three? Guess what, it's not so calm down.

2. Try Some Quiet

Personal fact, I deal with anxiety. It's not fun. It's like a really irritating person whispering things in your ear all the time. When things pile up, I had a bad day, or something is really bugging me I just stop. I take a few minutes of my time and I just stop what I'm doing. If I'm in public, I will take a moment to either sit or stand quietly, take a few breaths, and then ease back into what I was doing.

Sometimes I wait until the end of the day where I can sit down alone, make it quiet or play some music, and just do nothing for a while. I know it might feel like you're wasting time, but it's good to give your brain a moment to catch up with your body. Life can be race and sometimes your brain slows to a jog. It stopped for a water break around lunch and just never caught up. Give it a minute.

3. Visualization

A good way to help prevent stress is to put it in a physical form. Lists are a popular way to do this. Write down what you have to do in a planner, a list, heck you can scribble it in crayon on the side if a water bottle for all I care. Just take all that mess out if your head and leave it on the paper.

If you're not that type of person, I'd suggest alarms and calendars on your phone. If I have something I need to remember I'll set an alarm. That way I know there will always be something ready to remind me throughout my day and I can push that worry out of my head.

If you have trouble staying motivated with things, tell a friend. This does help. Let someone else know, so they can remind and encourage you to get it done. Find a way to take the worries and schedules out of your head and manifest them in a physical form. It allows you to take a step back and look at your time as a whole in a more organized way.

I hope some of you find this helpful. Let me know if it did or if you just enjoy my rambling in general. Another week of my wisdom has been bestowed upon you, my subjects. Go, young grasshoppers, go forth into this world with gusto. Okay, this is getting weirder than usual, I'll spare you. Bye!