Compass: Giant Trees


Hello, again! If you read my first article, Bear Backing, you’ll know that my family likes to visit National Parks and always have. There’s something magnificent about being in a preserved natural environment, and also the tourists (ick). This week, we’ll take a look at Yosemite National Park.

My family had gone on a trip to California in 2014 to see family friends. We saw many things over the course of our few-week stay, one of those being Yosemite National Park. Yosemite is in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, spanning over about one thousand miles. It was established as an official National Park in 1890 and still is a wonder to this day. One of the most impressive attractions that belong to Yosemite are the great Sequoia Trees. Most Sequoias grow to be over three-hundred feet tall, so as you can imagine, they are intimidating. Many of the trees in the park are hundreds or even thousands of years old and it’s humbling to stand and breathe their air. The pictures included are of two Sequoias; one is fallen and roots are sprawled in the air and the other is still standing strong.


Many of the trees, especially the older ones, are enclosed inside wooden fences that circle around them. A few of the trees are so grand that people are not allowed to get within ten feet, hence the fence. Some have little plaques that show the name of the tree, although not all of them are named. The Sequoias are in just a portion of the park, the Sequoia forest. Basically, if you want to see the the Sequoias, you have to go to the the designated section of the park. It’s worth it though.

My family drove around Yosemite until we decided to see the Sequoias. We parked and walked around the forest until my little brother was tired. We saw the main attractions and then went home to say goodbye to the great aunt and uncle we were staying with.

Although many people think of Redwoods when someone says “famous Californian tree,” I think Sequoias are much grander. The difference between the two trees is that Redwoods are known for their height and Sequoias are known for their width. I think the reason Sequoias are so cool is because they are much rarer than Redwoods, even though both trees are magnificent.

Aside from the beautiful Sequoias, Yosemite has waterfalls, hiking trails, giant rocks, and more. It’s breathtaking and is by far my favorite National Park. Thank you for traveling the country with me!