New Series: Yummy Tidbits


Hello and welcome!

I’m Reese, a self-proclaimed foodie and Food Network addict.

(Disclaimer: all opinions expressed are solely based on my own feelings and experiences and are not targeted to offend anyone.)

I’ve noticed a recent rise of people branching out and trying to experience new foods. Network TV has opened up the world of food for the average person. There are many gourmet-made-easy meal home delivery services, and they have a variety of foods; they aren’t just your run of the mill meals.

This rise of meal delivery services sometimes stresses me out, as it makes me think “Why does this generation need everything delivered to them like that?” Learning to shop for ingredients and comparing prices and nutritional information is part of the learning experience.

Despite this trend however, I’ve also noticed that the art of truly homemade meals is fading. Now, while I don’t expect to see a bunch of Bobby Flays throwing down in the kitchen, I’d love to see more people making home cooked meals. They are the embodiment of home, comfort, love, and warmth after all.

So that’s what we’ll be exploring together; food, cooking, and all the things in between. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me!