Compass: Dinner in Dubois

Last week, I talked about my experiences in Yellowstone National Park, but this week it’s all about the little moments. I’m talking about some moments out East.

Not too long ago I was able to take a road trip East with my father. It wasn’t a long or glamorous trip, but it was really fun. Anyway, this particular experience took place in DuBois, Pennsylvania.

It was late, maybe eight o’clock pm and we hadn’t stopped for dinner yet. Up until that town, there hadn’t been a place to eat. My father was driving and I was in charge of navigation and choosing which restaurant we would visit; I finally decided upon a small diner in a town called DuBois.

We pulled into the parking lot and lit up all kinds of signs that littered the inside windows. There were little tables placed along the outside wall for eating during the summer. We then went inside and were met by a sign stating, “Please wait to be seated.” So we stood, with our hands in our jacket pockets, and waited.

The diner was dimly lit and lightly populated. The appearance was also the cutest I have ever seen; it had one of those poodle-skirt-and-cigarette feels to it. Metal tables and chairs were arranged in the empty space between the booths and the counter. Behind the counter, which doubled as a bar, was a window into the kitchen.

A woman in a red shirt and name tag approached and gave us a booth. We shimmied off our coats and grabbed the well-worn menus from our waitress. We first ordered some water and got to work at scanning the menu.

I went in with the intention of eating breakfast at eight pm, so I ordered french toast. My dad got breakfast too, but had eggs and hash-browns instead. The waitress came back with our food in a timely manner, and we then devoured it all after a long day on the road.

While we ate, my dad and I had a really good conversation about a multitude of things, so not only was the food good but the company was also.

After our dinner, there was a pie in the showcase with lights shining upon it; how could we not resist eating it? We ordered the peanut butter pie-- as my dad and I are both absolute suckers for a good peanut butter pie--and shared that until we were too full to walk; we practically rolled out of there.

My dad and I packed ourselves up and headed back to the car, both satisfied by the food and the conversations we had.

DuBois Diner was more of an experience than a place for me. Sure, the decorations were cool and the food was good, but the experience of being in Pennsylvania with my dad was special, and DuBois Diner just contributed to that.

I don’t have any pictures this week, but if you’re curious about what this little diner looked like, just Google “DuBois Diner.” Thanks for joining me for another week of traveling the country!

-Kayelona Rakowski