Compass: Olympic Visitors

Greetings! This week, I will talk about a cool place in Salt Lake City, Utah. My family accidentally stumbled upon it, but it ended up being one of the coolest places we visited.

You may or may not remember, but the 2002 Winter Olympics were held at Salt Lake City, Utah. America won 34 medals. During the Olympics, athletes need to train to remain in peak condition, right? Well, we visited the site where skiing athletes trained and competed.

We found the 2002 Olympic site on a trip a few years ago. There is a small museum that houses pictures, outfits, and artifacts that accurately depict the 2002 Winter Olympics. They also have a bobsled available to the public as well as a ski jump, both on a ramp and on a hill.

We parked our car in the parking lot and walked to the museum. After we talked to the lady at the front desk, my family wound our way through the museum, sticking our faces in those cut-out photo opt backdrops. It was interesting to read the plaques regarding unknown facts about the Olympics and see pictures of amazing athletes. For me, I enjoyed seeing the lifetime of effort each athlete put into their sport.

After we had scoured the museum, my father found out at the front desk that we could ride a bobsled. It required a hefty payment, so we decided against it, but it was fun to watch those who did participate.

We walked around the site and saw a practice ramp behind the building. Many young people with skis were going down the ramp, practicing a trick, and landing in water. The possibility of seeing a potential Olympic athlete was pretty neat.

Behind the ramp was a hill, which had the actual Olympic ski jump. We weren’t able to see it close up, but the view we were able to get was cool.

I don’t have pictures for this week’s article, but if your interested, you can google “2002 Olympic Ski Site Museum Images” or something of that sort. I hope you enjoyed learning about something a little peculiar, but thanks for traveling the country with me!