Old Beetle Tree

It stood in the yard

Its branches all twisted

Like an old spider web

Its leaves swishing in the wind

Swish, Swish, swishing in the breeze

I liked its beautiful brown bark

In the fall its leaves flashed many colors

It made me smile

For it was my favorite time of all

I climbed up and up

When I reached the top I could see the sky

Sitting in that tree was when felt free

Like I was flying with the birds

Nothing could stop me

As I grew, the tree grew too

As I aged, so did my tree

The limbs grew weak

The bugs took over

The tree grew lonely

No more could I climb to the top

I could no longer see the sky

Nor could I fly with the birds

I was not truly free any more

As my tree decayed

My heart grew heavy

I said goodbye

My tree came down

I won’t be sad for long

For I will always remember

The time I shared

The freedom I felt

And the life

Of my old beetle tree