Freaky Friday: St. Louis Ghost Light

This unusual occurrence takes place in Saskatchewan, Canada, more specifically St. Louis. Hence the name of this week’s mystery of “The St. Louis Light”. Til this day, a rather odd event takes place through a bend where train tracks have long since been removed. Reports of a light glowing through the darkness along this abandoned bend have left many of those who witness this event, baffled. Supposedly this light travels along the right side, slowly making its way to the center before disappearing as mysteriously as it appeared.

It’s been said to last from a few seconds up to an hour. Additionally, many people report seeing either smaller lights around the the general area and at times the light is followed by a second one that is red in color. It’s said that the red light is followed by strange reactions from local wildlife. The rumor that the light could not be photographed or videoed has been debunked, although it has also been said that the presence of the light has an affect upon electronics and cars.  

So what is causing this strange light? Many ghost stories have been told in connection to the light. Ranging from a worker with a lantern who is searching for his head to someone looking for a young girl who was killed on the tracks. It can’t be said if these tales are credible or if they are nothing more than the work of eager minds, however, some research has been done to examine how this light could be possible.

One such explanation came from a group of students concluding that it was a result of diffraction (Light passing through a small opening) of headlights through trees. Although, when this event was featured in an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” the light appeared even when the headlights of the nearby highway were blocked. In the end, it cannot be said for sure what is the cause of the strange St. Louis Light. Whether it be a ghost in search of his severed head or an odd flash of car headlights, this mystery will continue to fascinate locals and tourists alike.