Yummy Tidbits: Road Trip

Pack your assorted napkins and utensils, it’s time to go on a little road trip!

I recently returned from a family vacation to California. Despite popular belief, not everyone is a surfer with tight abs and a tan, calls people dude, or knows someone from Hollywood. BUT, there’s a great variety of people, culture, and food in California.

So I’ve chosen a few of my favorite places to share with you. First it’s Three Rivers. It’s our family tradition to go up to Three Rivers, check the water level, explore Reimer’s Candy store, eat Todd’s Pizza, then have a delicious scoop of Reimer’s Ice cream. I had never realized this, but pizza is different everywhere, there are different styles of pizza in different parts of the country.

Some locations have sweet sauce pizza, thick crust pizza, cracker crust pizza, etc. Todd’s Pizza has a thin crust that is similar to New York style. It also has a perfect sauce to cheese ratio with a hint of spice.  Reimer’s Ice Cream has a good selection of flavors, I always go for chocolate based indulgences. My mom doesn’t really like ice cream and doesn’t think it’s a dessert (how crazy is that??), but she always gets Three Rivers Wild Berry and is happy to eat it for dessert.

Next is La Milpas, another family favorite. It’s a Mexican restaurant located in a regular strip mall. Our family has been going to it for years (or might I say decades), there’s even a waiter who can recognize my parents despite us not living there for 11 years now. I ordered pork carnitas tacos with green sauce. It was delicious! The meat was juicy and tender and the sauce was slightly spicy, though I would have liked a little more heat.

Last, but not least, See’s Candies. It’s a chocolate store similar to Seroogy's. I love Seroogy’s meltaway bars, but when I want single chocolates I look to See’s Candies. They have a large selection of chocolates, but I’ve always loved the truffles and caramels.  I tried a hazelnut truffle that tastes like the embodiment of a chocolate mocha. It was delicious and I wish I had more.

I’m getting a craving for some good eats now, so let’s pull over and grab a bite!

Comment down below and tell us where your favorite place to find good food is!