Compass: Roaming the City

Hello! This week we’ll go to Chicago! This past summer, I went to Chicago on a missions trip and on said mission trip, I was allowed a free day to roam around the city with my group.

Chicago is home to theaters, stores, and high end businesses, among many other things. On the day that I will recall, we were allowed to do anything that we wanted. Obviously food was a priority. We ate at a wonderful restaurant downtown that served mainly chicken. The decor was pretty cool too; there were painted, connected soda cans hung from the ceiling. The name of it though eludes me, my apologies.

After lunch, I begged my leader to take me to bookstore just across the street. Two other students and my youth pastor came to the bookstore with me. It wasn’t until we got into the shop that we realized it was a Catholic bookstore. I personally am not Catholic, so I thought is was funny that my expectations were different than the reality when I entered the shop. After pretending to browse for a little bit, we met up with the rest of my group.

For this next part, you have to know that I am a huge theater fanatic. We walked around downtown Chicago for a few hours and we came to streets with all of the theaters. I was in heaven as we passed the sparkling lights and show posters, but everyone else was unimpressed. There was specifically one alleyway that had a dozen or so show posters and I wanted so badly to walk down and admire them. I wanted to twirl under the Chicago Theater lights, but alas, we continued.

We stopped in the Chicago Disney store and sung loudly as the Disney songs played. We then proceeded to enter the American Girl store, even though we were a group of teenagers. After all of this window shopping, we found our way to Ghirardelli's, which has amazing chocolate, by the way. We walked into the store and snatched our free samples and browsed the chocolates.

Since this week’s article consists of a day more so than a place, I do not have any pictures. I share this memory because not only did I share it with wonderful people that I love, but as I recall it, it brings me back to one of my favorite summer adventures. Thank you for travelling the country with me, even if it’s a little closer to home!