Compass: A Hidden Beauty


Hi, there! Last week, we visited the urban landscape of Chicago, but this week, I’m taking us out West yet again to a beautiful spot in Wyoming.

My family had just seen Old Faithful in Yellowstone, that’s a story for another day, and we were driving home. Off the highway was this small river and a rocky beach. There were hills and plateaus that surrounded it as well, so naturally, we decided to pull over and explore. My family parked our van on the hill and we all piled out, racing down the steep hill to get to the water. There was thigh-high grass that looked like wheat but was not wheat. Flowers hid between the grass and the rocks and it smelled of fresh dew.


After we all got onto the beach, my mom started taking pictures and the rest of us hopped around on the stones. My sister, the most adventurous one out of the bunch, was jumping on the big rocks, making her way across the small river. My little brother was exploring in the grass and found a a snake skin that had been shed.

After we were finished playing around, we admired the scenery. A plateau towered over the river and at its base was an alcove. It was probably ten feet above the water and opposite to our side of the river. We were in awe. How did it get there? How did we get lucky enough to stop here and see this?

The water was pretty brown and the current was moving fast. The highway was elevated so we could hardly see the occasional car zooming past. It was absolutely beautiful, and we were lucky enough to stop and see. It was like a bubble of wonder.

I hope this week in Wyoming brings you as much wonder as it does for me. Yes, I know this may sound cheesy, but I think this place is a metaphor for life: if we don’t stop to see the small rivers, we miss out on what can make life beautiful. Thank you for traveling the country with me!