Freaky Friday: Brown Mountain Lights

This weeks mystery sticks closely to the theme of our last installment. The Brown Mountain Lights. This low ridge located in Burke County, North Carolina is home to another case of unexplained “ghost” lights that continue to be witnessed by many to this day. Dating back centuries, these lights rise up from the mountains, hover, and disappear. Witnesses say they rise about 15 feet in the air, and they have been photographed and filmed on many occasions.

There are many stories connected to the cause of these lights. Cherokee accounts claim they are the souls of Cherokee women who are searching for the men that have died in battle. Brown Mountain Lights , a song written by Scott Wiseman and Mytrle Eleanor, tells the story of a man and his slave going hunting, the man gets lost, and the slave returns every night with a lantern to search for him.

While there are many tales about the cause of these lights, what can be said for the scientific possibilities behind this strange occurrence? There are many theories as to the cause of these lights. A few ideas range from swamp has reflections to headlights. However, the light has been observed longer than cars have been around and the absence of proper swamp on Brown Mountain does not lend much sense to either theory.

A solid cause has yet to be discovered, yet that does not stop people from continuing to try and catch a glimpse of these lights. There are several designated overlooks marked for onlookers and it’s said that a clear fall night gives you the greatest chance of spotting this phenomenon. Whether or not these strange lights are the souls of grieving women or a strange case of swamp gas, the world will continue to be baffled by these “ghost” lights for years to come. Who knows, maybe one day a solid theory will present itself, that or a ghost or two….