Sage Sarah: Prom

Heyyo! Welcome back, my dudes! For all fellow high schoolers who are reading, you’d know that prom is coming up this Friday. I suppose you don’t have to wonder what I’m writing about. Considering titles exist.

1. Getting Dressed Up

Yeah, dressing up isn’t always fun. I like to just exist as my troll self in sweatpants and sweatshirts, but I will admit that it is fun every now and again to look snazzy. Oh no, I said snazzy, I’m reverting back to my middle-aged dad mode. Guess what, heels hurt, but it isn’t nice to hear the click of your footsteps and feel like you’re ready to take down the government of a small country. Walk with purpose ladies. Put on that dress, throw on those heels, and walk like you’ve been sent to take down a corrupt government official. Spy mode ladies think spy mode. Then later kick those things off, switch to some sneakers or just go barefoot. Let loose, if anyone else has a problem with it, put the heels back on a step on their toes.  

2. Pictures

A lot of pictures happen during the prom season. I don’t much care for pictures, so I get the feeling, but just go with it. Trust me, pictures are going to come in handy later. Besides you’re looking good, don’t waste it. I think we get off pretty easy in the RVA. We don’t take nearly as many pictures as the kids from brick and mortar. My sister went to multiple locations, with multiple groups, and took so many pictures. I don’t know how they manage it. I’m a simple gal, just snap the pictures so we can get to the fun parts.  

3. Dates

Going to prom with a date is all well and good. Whether it’s just as friends or as a couple, I’m happy for you! However, I’m here to say this once and for all. YOU DO NOT NEED A DATE TO GO TO PROM!!! Going with a group of friends or just by yourself is completely and wholly fine! A date is not a requirement! You can still look good and still have fun without a date. Don’t get down on yourself about it. Because you’re great with or without a date. I give you a 10/10! If you don’t have someone to go to prom with or you feel alone. Maybe you don’t know a lot of people or your friend left. If that’s the case, you find me. Just look for the short girl, brownish purple and black velvet, off the shoulder dress, who will be wearing converse for the dancing portion of the night. You find me, you say hi, and now you have a friend for prom. I will adopt you into the group because everyone deserves to have fun on their prom night.

That’s all for today! I can’t wait to see everyone! If you’re not going to be there, check out the live stream! Come say hi! If you’re there and you need a friend, come say hi too! Let’s have some fun!