Sage Sarah: Procrastination

Sup peeps, it’s me back again with some advice. This week I admit, I was low on ideas so here’s the best topic I could come up with. Procrastination, something we all do. Although for once I didn’t procrastinate writing this, I just forgot.

1. Avoiding Procrastination

Yeah, I know it’s hard to avoid procrastinating especially when you don’t want to do the thing in the first place. Sometimes we just have to suck it up. I find the best way to avoid it all together is to make sure I set myself plenty of reminders. Whatever works for you. I have a few alarms set for articles and important assignments. A trick I use, the alarm that already goes off anyway to wake you up, label that alarm with anything you need to get done. When the idea is put in the back of your mind, it’s easier to remember it throughout the day.

2. Beating Procrastination

Again, hard to do, however you can do it. I believe in you! When you’re stuck in that slump where you know you have stuff to do, there’s a deadline, clocks ticking, inside you’re panicking, but on the outside, you’re just watching TV. Yeah, that mode. Well, turn off that TV and pick up your laptop. The best way to beat it is to get your head in the game. Start getting your supplies out, notebook, pencil, log into Buzz. This will slowly get your brain in school mode and by the time your assignment it opens you’ll be a little more focused.  

3. Schedule

Say you want to stop falling into those slumps all together. You want to start getting stuff done earlier, be more prepared perhaps. Well, a schedule is just right for you then. Set aside times for studying, times for homework, and times for relaxing. Once you start keeping up with this schedule, your brain will recognize when it’s time to do certain tasks. Rewarding yourself afterward can also be a great motivator. If you get an hour of studying in, you’ll allow yourself one episode of whatever you like.

That’s all folks. Another article done! Not gonna lie, this one took a good minute to think up. Shout-out to Devin for the idea. Let’s all give him a round of applause... No... Just me here… Okay, but I still appreciate ya Dev!