Compass: Camp Food

Hello! In honor of summer, I’ll talk about my time at summer camp.

For the past eight or so years, I have gone to Lake Lundgren Bible Camp. Lake Lundgren is in Pembine, WI and was founded in June of 1935. It’s a nondenominational camp that has beautiful facilities, entertaining activities, and wonderful food, but then again, I’m biased.

Just because Lake Lundgren has the best camp food you will ever taste, that’s what I’ll focus on this week. Yes, there are fun activities and the overall camp experience is amazing, but the food is so good.

If you’ve ever been to camp, you might know that the food is gross. They have powder eggs and fake milk, but not Lake Lundgren. Lake Lundgren has hot food every morning, afternoon, and evening, with dessert after lunch and dinner. They have a full kitchen team that makes delicious food every day.

On the last day at camp, they provide about six different kinds of specialty pizza and there’s a line out the door. They also toss ice cream sandwiches to all the tables; it’s a yearly tradition. During the week, one of the meals is coffee cake and apple juice. Another is rolls and ham. Basically, the food is actually good and the type of food ranges over the course of the week.

Lake Lundgren Bible Camp has a special place in my heart because of how many years I’ve spent there. This summer I’m actually volunteering for a week or two. This week’s article was short, but thanks for traveling the country with me!