Gifted Writers

Choices by Morgan Garza

If you were exiled, what location would you choose to live? What are three essential things you would take with you? You better choose wisely, for the place you choose and the things you take, will be all you know. I had to choose, and let me tell you, choose wisely. I will tell you my story, so if you get faced with these chilling questions, you make the right choice.

It all started when people started to change the planet for a new, “better world”. They had to choose a few teenagers to leave to an isolated island. They said there were too many teenagers in the world at that time so they had to send some away, and one of them was me. I was only just a teenager, I had turned thirteen when they started making plans for the teenagers. The Mayor came to my door and told me to pack up. He told me to bring a few pairs of clothes, blankets, some food, and a safety kit. He then told me were I was going, but I didn’t want to go, so when he left, I hatched a plan.

That night I packed few things because I had to get out of there, and fast. They were coming in two hours to take me while my mother slept. It pained me to leave my mother behind but I would be able to visit her, was my thinking. I packed a pocket knife, a lighter, and a flashlight. Not once did I think about a blanket, food, phone, or safety kit. But I was a thirteen year old boy and I didn’t always make the best choices. That night I ran deep into the forest, I tried not to look back because if I did, I would go back. It was the scariest thing I’ve done but, in my mind, I had to. I told myself that Father would have wanted this, for me to escape but still be able to visit.

That night, I started a small fire as I tried to build a lean-to. I was so hungry, cold, and scared. I kept hearing noises that I couldn’t identify. I thought I had heard a tiger but, tigers don’t live in California. I looked around with my flashlight for an edible mushroom I knew, it is called a “Chanterelle”. It can be identified if there are no gills, and the top of the mushroom is ruffled. It does look like it has some sort of gills but they aren’t gills. It’s wrinkly and they are attached, not loose, paper-thin things sticking out. I found a few and gobbled them up without even cooking them. It’s fine if you eat them without cooking them over a fire but the fire brings out the flavor better.

I was laying on the cold forest floor thinking about my mother, how in a couple of hours, she would be scared to death. The President never wanted anyone to know that he was going to isolate teens, but someone snitched. He knew he couldn’t say it was true because everyone would revolt. They would hate him, so he started taking them in the night, sweeping them right out of their bed, sometimes, only with the clothes on their back. I knew more kids have thought of running away, but what about my friends, will I ever see them again?

I almost didn’t make it, I almost died from starvation, and from infections from wounds. I should have chosen better things to bring than what I did. Along the way I met a boy, 5 years younger than me. I wondered how he got up the courage to run away, I almost didn’t. We had to survive with what we had. I never saw my mother again, she had died because the government accused her of hiding me, so they punished her with death.

I wrote this story so you young people out there won’t make stupid decisions like I did. I should’ve chosen wisely, brought someone with me, and told my mother. Don’t make the same decisions I did, don’t run away, if you do, you can break your family's heart, and lose someone you love, and care about.