Poetry: Week 1, December 2018

What if I decided this narrative was all I would write 
That these words would no longer the be a contingent of my own making 
Instead I'd take the paper 
Craft a pair of battered wings 
And soar away through threadbare libraries 
Filled with the remains of every other story laden angel
Who's dreams carried then only so far
What if I decided to take that risk
To step away from the hollow bookshelves 
And fly

Poetry: Week 1 November 2018

Editor’s Note: The RVA Weekly will now be posting weekly poetry by Sarah Behselich. Below is the first in this series.

Endless scars and shadows 
Soft pages, dark pencil marks 
Unwritten, unread words and phrases 
Unadulterated lines 
Dilapidated curtains hanging by a thread 
In the morning things left unspoken 
Thoughts left unsaid 

Unbent, unbroken branches 
Clothes lines left in the sun 
Softly swaying rocking horses 
Gallop, then a run 

Wispy cotton candy clouds 
Steaming mugs of teas 
A distance call of wagon wheels 
Familiar warmth of fall 
Happiness in the evening sun
Is calling out for me