Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday: UFO Sightings (part two)

Due to this week being rather busy for most, I decided a short continuation of our last subject should be in order. Therefore, we’re jumping right back on the UFO train. Looking into a few more unexplained UFO sightings. Strap in, this will be a bumpy ride or not I don’t know what it’s like to ride in a UFO.

  1. McMinnville Sighting

    A very well known case, this incident happened just outside Sheridan, Oregon. May 11th, 1950 Evelyn Trent was walking back to her house after finishing chores when she spotted an oddly shaped, slow-moving object in the sky. After yelling for her husband, Paul Trent, he came outside and witnessed the object too before retreiving a camera from inside. Two photos were taken before the object flew away. These photos are still some of the most convincing and widely known images of a UFO to date.

  2. Mariana Sighting

    August 15th, 1950, Nick Mariana and Virginia Raunig spotted two silvery objects over the Legion Stadium baseball field. They were described as going two hundred to four hundred miles per hour, roughly fifty feet wide, and one hundred and fifty feet apart. Nick was able to retrieve his camera and record the objects for a short time. The video of these UFOs gained traction in local news and the incident was later investigated by the U.S. Air Force.

  3. The Kinross Incident

    November 23rd, 1953, an unusual target was identified by Air Defense Command Ground Interceptor radar operators in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. From the Kinross Air Force base an F-89C Scorpion piloted by First Lieutenant Felix Moncla and radar operator Second Lieutenant Robert Wilson. There was difficulty in tracking the object, ground operators giving Felix directions as they went, they were able to close in at about 8000 ft in altitude. The objects on the radar seemed to merge which was assumed to be Felix flying over the object, however, the object remained as one and continued on its previous course. When operators tried to radio Felix and Robert they were met with no response and search and rescue was quickly sent out. The fear being that the merge had been a collision, yet no trace of the plane or pilots was found.

That’s all the time we have this week! I hope you enjoyed a few more of these mysterious sightings. Good luck to everyone this week. Remember to keep your eyes open for anything mysterious out there!

Freaky Friday: UFO Sightings

Sticking with the theme of last week, this Friday we’ll be delving into UFO sightings. If you don’t know, UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Objects. Many believe these mysterious crafts are sightings of alien ships. So today, I’ll take you through three interesting cases of these strange crafts, so let’s jump right into it!

1. The Kenneth Arnold Sightings

While this may not be the first UFO sighting in history, it certainly is one to remember.
As Kenneth Arnold, having been known for coining the phrase “flying saucer”, spotted nine objects flying over Mount Rainier on June 24th, 1947. They are said to have appeared while flying in a V formation going quite fast, and were described emitting a glowing blue-white light.

Initially they were thought to be military aircraft, however, it was stated that no flight tests were being conducted at the time. There was an official government investigation of these claims in 1948 by the U.S Air Force, believing they could have been some time of Soviet craft. The investigation later concluded that it must have been a simple trick of the eye or simply a mirage. Subsequently, reports of UFOs increased in the U.S after the incident.

2. Val Johnson

It was at 1:40 AM when a strange, bright light was spotted by Sheriff Val Johnson near Warren Minnesota in 1979. He described the light as well defined, about a foot in diameter and floating a few feet off the ground. However, when he drove towards the light he ended up unconscious in a ditch.

Waking up a short time after with burns around his eyes, he was shocked to find that his windshield and headlight were smashed as well as his watch and the dash being 14 minutes slow. The car is preserved and on display in the Marshell County Museum, still attracting visitors from all over to this day.   

3. Tinley Park Lights

Tinley Park in Illinois is no stranger to UFO sightings. Many sightings have been reported in this location with many eyewitnesses. The Aug 20th, 2004 sighting had 45 reported witnesses, reported as a triangle formed with three red lights. The same formation was reported again on Oct 31st, 2004 and Oct 1st, 2005 both with a large number of reported witnesses. It was said that they were silent, and slow-moving moving away from each other before fading out.

Whether these UFO sightings are tricks of the eye, military air crafts, or truly something out of this world, we might never know for sure. However, we can be sure that these sightings will continue to show up all over the world for our speculation. We can only hope that with new technology more can be documented about these odd occurrences. Keep your eyes to the sky, my friends, as you just might catch a glimpse of something strange.

Freaky Friday: Crop Circles

If you like conspiracies, strange occurrences, and unsolved mysteries, then this new series is for you. Every other week I'll be bringing you a new mystery. We’ll dive into exciting theories, strange plot twists, and maybe discover something new. To start us off I'm taking on a classic, crop circles. Let's jump into a short history of these strange symbols.

Occurring most commonly in the southern England countryside, these configurations have shown up since the early 1970s. These flattened depressions most often show up overnight seemingly out of nowhere. The intricacy and size of these patterns have led many to believe the makers are not of this world. While some have come forward as makers of crop circles, many still question if the original patterns were simply another hoax or something more.

Theory #1: Messages and Maps

Many believe that these symbols are coded messages. Those who study the symbols believe they can be translated and used to form a map of sorts. But who are these maps for? There are many ideas, ranging from plausible to outlandish, including instructions for time travelers or even directions for extraterrestrials visitors. Many have translated the symbols into what they believe are clues, but we have yet to see any truly convincing messages.  

Theory #2: Just A Hoax

There have been many reports of people coming forward claiming to be behind crop circles. Most notably, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, who admitted to coming up with the idea in a pub and creating the “flying saucer nest” overnight in 1976. This has resulted in much doubt if any of these configurations are nothing more than a long time hoax. Crop circles popping up all over the world just being copycats jumping on board with the hype. Recently, National Geographic had a group of artist attempt to recreate a complex design overnight in 2009. The group was successful in the recreation. Additionally, crop circles have proved somewhat easy to make. Requiring nothing more than a few simple tools and a dedicated group of people.

Theory #3: Extraterrestrials

To some, this theory is the most ridiculous, however, the idea that aliens are behind these strange symbols has a strong following, The strange circular qualities of crop circles lead many to believe these are landing places for space crafts. The depressions caused by the landing and taking off of some form of ship. A popular detail among believers is the intricacy of the patterns and seemingly gentle way the crops have been flattened. Corn stalks have been recorded to be bent without breaking the stalk itself. As though they were carefully placed in a specific manner.

Yes, a group of people could replicate crop circles in a night. Yet a man-made circle made quickly is unlikely to avoid breaking even a single stalk. It has been suggested that some form of energy has been used to push the crops down, but there is not much scientific basis for this idea. It has also been thought that the fear of discovery is the reason behind the makers of crop circles never being seen in action. Many wonder if these symbols are a means of communicating with us.

Whether crop circles are messages from the future, extraterrestrial maps, or simply a cleverly planned hoax. The true purpose of these symbols may never be discovered. For now, this conspiracy will remain a mystery. Have any mysteries you’d like to see covered? Let me know! Until next time, keep your eyes peeled for the strange and unexplained.